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Update Elections


4 January-Georgia,Presidente
9 January-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-elections in Golden Plains
12 January-Kentucky (USA),Special election for the 6th Congressional District
13 January-District of Columbia (USA),Presidential primary elections
13 January-Oklahoma (USA),Special election in the district #67
19 January-Iowa (USA),Precint caucuses
20 January-Faroe Island (Denmark),Parlamento
24 January-Uttar Pradesh (India),State assemblea by-election for the 25-Gunnaur seat
25 January-Russia,Sindacoal election in Voronezh Oblast
27 January-New Hampshire (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
27 January-Shelby County (Alabama,USA),County elections and Referendum on a Tax Plan
27 January-Pennsylvania (USA),Special election District#109
27 January-Wisconsin (USA),Special election in the District# 17
2-3 February-Zimbabwe,Parlamentoary by-election in Gutu North
3 February-Washington State (USA),Special elections
3 February-Missouri (USA),Presidenteial primary elections and special elections
3 February-South Carolina (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
3 February-Arizona (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
3 February-Delaware (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
3 February-Oklahoma (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
3 February-New Mexico (USA),Democratic Party precint caucus
3 February-North Dakota (USA),Precint caucuses
3 February-Longboat Key (Florida,USA),County primary elections
3 February-Idaho (USA),Local elections
3 February-Oregon (USA),Special election
3 February-Israel,Labor Party: Convention and Internal leadership election
5 February-United Kingdom,District council by-election in Yoxford
6 February-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-elections in Indigo Shire
7 February-Michigan (USA),Democratic Party precint caucus
7 February-Washington State (USA),Democratic Party precint caucus
7 February-Texas (USA),Special elections
7 February-Queensland (Australia),State elections
8 February-Maine (USA),Democratic Party precint caucus
8 February-Switzerland,Referendums on the Avansi Project (safe motorways)
on the code of obligation of the rental leasing and on the application of the life sentence
for sexual criminals
10 February-Tennessee (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
10 February-Virginia (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
10 February-Brooker (Florida,USA),County election
10 February,District of Columbia (USA),Republican Party Convention
14 February-District of Columbia (USA),Democratic Party Presidenteial caucus
14 February-Nevada (USA),Democratic Party Presidenteial caucus
16 February-Nunavut (Canada),Territorial elections
16 February-Michigan (USA),Village primary elections
17 February-Wisconsin (USA),Democratic and Republican Parties: Presidenteial primary
and county primary elections
17 February-St Marks (Florida,USA),County election
17 February-Woody Point (NL,Canada),Municipal by-elections
20 February-Iran,Parlamento 1st round
20 February-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-elections in Warrnambool
21 February-Guam (USA),Republican Party Convention
24 February-Michigan (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
24 February-Hawaii (USA),Democratic Party Presidenteial caucus
24 February-Idaho (USA),Democratic Party Presidenteial caucus
24 February-Utah (USA),Democratic Party: Internal Presidenteial preference primary election
27 February-Russia,Early presidenteial election in some remote areas of the country
27 February-Sonsorol (Palau),State election
28 February-US Virgin Islands (USA),Republican Party Convention
29 February-Hamburg (Germany),State elections
March to May-India,Staggered elections for 1/3 of the Senate (Rajya Sabha)
2 March-California (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
2 March-California (USA),Referndum on borrowing $15 billion to pay the existing deficit
2 March-Minnesota (USA),Precint caucuses
2 March-Vermont (USA),Presidenteial primary and municipal elections
2 March-New Mexico (USA),Municipal elections
2 March-Ohio (USA),Presidenteial,congressional and Senate primary elections
2 March-Georgia (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
2 March-Connecticut (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
2 March-New York (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
2 March-Massachusetts (USA),Presidenteial primary elections and county elections
2 March-Maryland (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
2 March-Rhode Island (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
2 March-Texas (USA),Presidenteial and 1st round of the congressional primary elections
2 March-Welaka (Florida,USA),County election in Merrimack #34 and Rockingham #77
2 March-Missouri (USA),Charter City and charter county elections
2 March-New Hampshire (USA),Special elections
6 March-Inglis (Florida,USA),County election
6 March-Hamilton East (Canada),Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
6 March-Poland,DLA Party: Internal leadership election
6 March-Switerland,SPS Party: Convention
7 March-Greece,Parlamento
7 March-Carinthia and Salzburg (Austria),State elections
8 March-Michigan (USA),Village elections
8 March-American Samoa (USA),Democratic Party: Presidenteial caucus
9 March-Minnesota (USA),Township elections
9 March-Florida (USA),Presidenteial primary elections and county elections
9 March-Louisiana (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
9 March-Mississippi (USA),Presidenteial and 1st round
of the congressional primary elections
9 March-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections
9 March-Oregon (USA),Local elections
9 March-Washington State (USA),Special elections and Republican Party Convention
10 March-Uttar Pradesh (India),State assemblea by-election in Allahabad
10 March-Maharashtra (India),State assemblea by-election in Pune
13 March-Kansas (USA),Democratic Party precint caucus
13 March-Texas (USA),Green Party and Libertarian Party: Congressional primary elections 1st stage
14 March-Spain,Parlamentoary and Senate elections
14 March-Andalucia (Spain),Local Parlamentoary election
14 March-Russia,Presidenteial election 1st round
14 March-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Voronezh, Murmansk, Chita, Kaluga, Ryazan
and Arkhangelsk oblasts
14 March-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Altai and Krasnodar krais and Koryak Autonomous Okrug
14 March-Udmurtia (Russia),Presidenteial election
14 March-Russia,Repeat State Duma elections in single-mandate districts in
Ulyanovsk and Sverdlovsk oblasts and St. Petersburg
14 March-Italy,Margherita Coalition Party:Internal leadership election
14 March-Comoros,Local assemblea elections in the three islands of Anjouan, Grande Comore
and Moheli 1st round
16 March-Illinois (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
16 March-Interlachen (Florida,USA),County election
16 March-Israel,Yahad Party: Internal leadership election
19-21 March-Canada,Conservative Party of Canada: Leadership election
20 March-Alaska (USA),Democratic Party: Presidenteial caucus
20 March-Texas (USA),Green Party and Libertarian Party: Congressional primary elections 2nd stage
20 March-Taiwan,Presidente
20 March-Taiwan,Referendums on support boosting Taiwan's defences against
the missiles China has pointed at the island and on whether Taiwan's government should
hold talks with Beijing on cross-strait peace and stability
20-27 March-Canada,Alberta Liberal Party: Leadership election
21 March-Malaysia,Parlamento
21 March-Malaysia,State elections in Sabah, Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah and Perlis
21 March-El Salvador,Presidente 1st round
21 March-France,Regional elections 1st round
21 March-Corsica (France),Local elections 1st round
21 March-Martinique (France),Parlamento and regional council elections
21 March-Guadeloupe (France),Parlamento and regional council elections
21 March-French Guyana (France),Assemblea and local council elections
21 March-Reunion (France),Assemblea and local council elections
21 March-Comoros,Local assemblea elections in the three islands of Anjouan, Grande Comore
and Moheli 2nd round
21 March-Cape Verde,Local elections
21 March-Germany,SD Party: Internal elections
23 March-Antigua and Barbuda,Parlamento
23 March-Florida (USA),Runoff County elections
26-27 March-Canada,Canadian Action Party: Leadership election
27 March-South Carolina (USA),Republican Party Convention
27 March-Nigeria,Local elections
27 March-New South Wales (Australia),Local council elections
27-28 March-Zimbabwe,Parlamentoary by-election in Chitungwiza
28 March-France,Regional elections 2nd round
28 March-Corsica (France),Local elections 2nd round
28 March-Georgia,Parlamento
28 March-Turkey,Local elections
28 March-Russia,Gubernatorial runoff elections in Arkhangelsk and Ryazan
28 March-Hong Kong,Village Representative by-elections
28 March-Rome (Italy),Foreign residents votes for 4 local council representatives
28 March-Anjouan (Comoros),Local assemblea by-elections for 2 seats
28-30 March-Guinea Bissau,Parlamento
29 March-Malta,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
30 March-Mississippi (USA),Runoff of the congressional primary elections
?? April-Alix (Alberta,Canada),Municipal by-election
?? April-Mauritania,Renewal of 1/3 of the Senate (elected by municipal coucillors)
1 April-San Marino,Internal election of two Capitani Reggenti (chifs of the state)
2 April-Sri Lanka,Parlamento
2 April-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-elections in Strathbogie
3 April-Slovakia,Presidente 1st round and Referendum on holding early parlamentoary elections
4 April-Slovenia,Referendum on restoring the voting rights to thousands of people
erased from the national register after independence
4 April-Russia,Gubernatorial runoff elections in Altai and Koryak
4 April-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Kumamoto Prefecture
4 April-Anjouan (Comoros),Second rerun of the local parlamentoary election for
the 14th constituency
4 and 6 April-Hawaii (USA),(USA),Republican Party Convention
5 April-Indonesia,Parlamentoary, Senate, local council and provincial council elections
6 April-Alaska (USA),Local elections (
6 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
6 April-Florida (USA),County elections
6 April-Kansas (USA),City elections
6 April-Wisconsin (USA),County elections
8 April-Algeria,Presidente
8 April-Vanuatu,Presidente (elected by an electoral college)1st attempt
8 April-Tonga,Parlamentoary by-election (elected by 3 nobles)
10 April-Vanuatu,Presidente (elected by an electoral college)2nd attempt
12 April-Vanuatu,Presidente (elected by an electoral college)3rd attempt
13 April-Vanuatu,Presidente (elected by an electoral college)4th and final attempt
13 April-Colorado (USA),Democratic Party Presidenteial caucus
13 April-Texas (USA),Runoff of the congressional primary elections
13 April-Florida (USA),County elections
13 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
14 April-Macedonia,Presidente 1st round
14-15 April-South Africa,National Assemblea and provincial elections
15 April-South Korea,Parlamento
15 April-United Kingdom,County council by-election in Woodbridge
16 April-Switerland,FDP Party: Internal leadership election
17 April-Slovakia,Presidente 2nd round
17 April-US Virgin Islands (USA),Democratic Party: Presidenteial caucus
17 April-Utah (USA),Libertarian Party: Convention
17 April-Canada,Municipal by-election in the city of Port Moody (BC)
18 April-Comoros,Federal parlamentoary elections 1st stage
20 April-India,People Assemblea elections 1st phase for 141 seats (
20 April-Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka and Orissa States (India),State assemblea elections 1st phase
20 April-Green Cove Springs (Florida,USA),County election 2nd round
20 April-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Parlamentoary rerun election for
1 seat in the Parlamento due to a tie in the past election
21 April-Guernsey (UK),Deputies election
22 April-India,People Assemblea elections for 4 seats in Tripura State
22 April-United Kingdom,Districtal by-election in Felixstowe South
23 April-South Africa,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
24 April-Cyprus,Referendum about the UN plan on the reunification of the island
24 April-Northern Cyprus (Cyprus),Referendum about the UN plan on the reunification of the island
24 April-Kansas (USA),Republican Party Convention
24 April-Sri Lanka,Provincial council elections in the Northwestern Province
24 April-Indiana (USA),Libertarian Party: Convention
25 April-Austria,Presidente
25 April-Comoros,Federal parlamentoary elections 2nd stage
25 April-Equatorial Guinea,Parlamentoary and municipal elections
25 April-Princeville (Quebec,Canada),Parlamentoary by-election
26 April-India,People Assemblea elections 2nd phase for 137 seats
26 April-Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka and Orissa States (India),State assemblea elections 2nd phase
26 April-Canada,Muncipal by-election in Hay River (NTW)
27 April-Pennsylvania (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
27 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 2nd round
27 April-Washington State (USA),Special elections
28 April-Macedonia,Presidente 2nd round
29 April-Kazakhstan,Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
29 April and 1 May-Nevada (USA),(USA),Republican Party Convention
?? May-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island Council election
2 May-Panama,Presidenteial,Vice Presidenteial,Parlamentoary,municipal and council elections
2 May-Israel,Referendum amongst the Likud members on withdrawing the
jewish settlement from the Gaza Strip and the West Banks
2 May-Lebanon,Municipal elections 1st stage in Mount Lebanon
4 May-Virginia (USA),Council and primary elections
4 May-Indiana (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
4 May-North Carolina (USA),Presidenteial primary elections
4 May-District of Columbia (USA),Presidenteial Preference primary elections
4 May-Colorado (USA),Districtal elections
4 May-Wyoming (USA),Township and districtal elections
4 May-Cedar Key (Florida,USA),County election
4 May-Winter Park (Florida,USA),Special election
5 May-India,People Assemblea elections 3rd phase for 83 seats
6 May-South Carolina (USA),Constitution Party: Presidenteial primary elections
7 May-Iran,Parlamentoary runoff election
8 May-Arizona (USA),Republican Party Convention
8 May-Utah (USA),Republican Party Convention
8 May-Wyoming (USA),Republican Party Convention
9 May-New Caledonia (France),Assemblea and local council elections
9 May-Lebanon,Municipal elections 2nd stage in Beirut and in the Bekaa
9 May-Italy,Sinistra Europea Party: Internal leadership election
9 May-Cook Island (New Zealand),Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
10 May-India,People Assemblea elections 4th phase for 182 seats
10 May-Sikkim State (India),State assemblea elections
10 May-Philippines,Presidente,Parlamento,House
of Representatives,half the
members of the Senate,provincial,municipal and city officials elections
10 May-Muslim Mindanao(Philippines),Local government election
10 May-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal elections
10 May-Connecticut (USA),Republican Party: Convention ditrict 4
11 May-Nebraska (USA),Presidenteial and congressional primary elections
11 May-West Virginia (USA),Presidenteial and congressional primary elections
11 May-Port San Joe (Florida,USA),County election
11 May-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections
12 May-Karachi (Pakistan),Provincial by-election
13 May-Canada,Provincial by-election in Hamilton East (ON)
14-15 Delaware (USA),(USA),Republican Party Convention
15 May-Wyoming (USA),Democratic party precint caucus
15 May-Texas (USA),Special elections
15 May-Maine (USA),(USA),Republican Party Convention
15 May-Connecticut (USA),Republican Party: Convention districts 2 and 3
15 May-Virginia (USA),Republican Party: Convention Districts 3 and 8
15 May-Canada,Municipal by-election in Courtenay (BC)
16 May-Yucatan State (Mexico),State assemblea and municipal elections
16 May-Dominican Republic,Presidente 1st round
16 May-Switerland,Referenda on modificate the law of the State pension scheme,
on adding a new tax for the social security and on modification of taxes of family, couples,
housing and stamps
18 May-Oregon (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
18 May-Arkansas (USA),Presidenteial and 1st round of the congressional and Senate primary elections
18 May-Kentucky (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
18 May-Washington State (USA),Special elections
20 May-Malawi,Presidente,Vice Presidente and Parlamento
21-22 May-Alaska (USA),Republican Party Convention
21-22 May-Michigan (USA),Republican Party Convention
22 May-Connecticut (USA),Republican Party: Convention district 5
22 May-Virginia (USA),Republican Party: Convention District 9
22 May-Sierra Leone,Municipal elections
23 May-Germany,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
23 May-Mali,Municipal elections
23 May-French Polynesia (France),Parlamento
23 May-Lebanon,Municipal elections 3rd stage in the South
23 May-South Ossetia (Georgia),Parlamento
24 May-Connecticut (USA),Republican Party: Convention district 1
24 May-Hatohobei (Palau),State election
25 May-Kayangel (Palau),State election
25 May-Idaho (USA),Presidenteial, congressional and Senate primary elections
26 May-Canada,Special sindacoal election in Goodeve (SK)
27 May-Papua New Guinea,General governor election (elected by the Parlamento)
28-29 May-Namibia,SWAPO Party: Internal presidenteial primary election
29 May-Northern Australia (Australia),Municipal elections in Darwin,
Katherine,Litchfield,Palmerston and Tennant Creek
30 May-Lebanon,Municipal elections 4th stage in the North
1 June-Alabama (USA),Presidenteial and 1st round of the congressional and
Senate primary elections
1 June-South Dakota (USA),Presidenteial 1st round, congressional and Senate primary elections
1 June-South Dakota (USA),Special election for 1 seat
1 June-New Mexico (USA),Presidenteial and congressional primary elections
1 June-Jennings (Florida,USA),County election
1 June-Cook Island (New Zealand),Democratic Party: PM primary elections
5 June-Virginia (USA),Republican Party Convention
5-6 June-Germany,FDP Party: Internal elections
6 June-Romania,Sindacoal,local and county councilors elections 1st round
6 June-Puerto Rico (USA),Democratic Party: Presidenteial caucus
7 June-Greenwood (Florida,USA),County election
8 June-Iowa (USA),Presidenteial, Congressional and Senate primary elections
8 June-Maine (USA),Presidenteial and congressional primary elections
8 June-Arkansas (USA),Runoff of the congressional and Senate primary elections
8 June-Montana (USA),Presidenteial and congressional primary elections
8 June-New Jersey (USA),Presidenteial and congressional primary elections
8 June-North Dakota (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
8 June-Virginia (USA),Congressional primary elections
8 June-South Carolina (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections 1st round
8 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections
8 June-Sopchoppy (Florida,USA),County election
8 June-Missouri (USA),Special elections
10 June-United Kingdom,European parlamentoary elections
10 June-London (United Kingdom),Sindacoal and local assemblea elections
10 June-United Kingdom,Regional elections in England, Scotland and Wales
10 June-Netherlands,European parlamentoary elections
11 June-Ireland,Local elections,european parlamentoary elections and referendum
on restricting the citizenship rights for children born in the country to
parents from abroad
11-12 June-Czech Republic,European parlamentoary elections
12 June-Canada,Saskatchewan Party: Convention
12 June-Malta,European parlamentoary and local council elections
12 June-Latvia,European parlamentoary elections
12-13 June-Italy,European Parlamentoary, Provincial elections in 63 provinces and
Municipal elections in 4499 municipalities
12-13 June-Sardinia (Italy),Regional council elections
13 June-European Union,Parlamentoary elections in Germany,France,Sweden,Denmark,
Cyprus,Slovenia and Austria
13 June-Belgium,Regional elections in the three regions: Flanders,Walloony and Brussels
13 June-Luxembourg,Parlamentoary elections
13 June-Lithuania,Presidenteial election 1st round
13 June-Germany,Sindacoal,municipal,city and regional elections in the states of
Baden-Württemberg,Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland,
Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony
13 June-Thuringia (Germany),State elections
13 June-Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro),Presidente 1st round
13 June-Canada,Municipal by-election in Chelsea (QC)
15 June-South Dakota (USA),Runoff of the congressional and Senate primary elections
20 June-Romania,Sindacoal,local and county councilors elections 2nd round
20 June-Adzharia (Georgia),Parlamento
20 June-Quebec (Canada),Local referenda on the reorganization of the municipalities
20 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Rivière-du-Loup and in Princeville
21 June-India,Parlamentoary by-elections for 5 seats
22 June-Winnipeg (BC,Canada),Sindacoal by-election
22 June-Canada,Provincial by-election in Minto (MB)
22 June-Utah (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
22 June-South Carolina (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections 2nd round
22 June-Lake Butler (Florida,USA),County election
26 June-Iceland,Presidente
26-27 June-Italy,Municipal and provincial runoff elections
27 June-Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro),Presidenteial runoff election
27 June-Lithuania,Presidenteial runoff election
27 June-Mongolia,Parlamento
27 June-Uruguay,Presidenteial primary elections
27 June-Thuringia (Germany),Sindacoal,muncipal,city and regional elections
28 June-Canada,Parlamento
28 June-India,Senate (Rajya Sabha) elections for 65 seats
28 June-Bhutan,Indirect district councillors elections (by the Parlamento)
29 June-Canada,Municipal by-election in Turtle Mountain (MB)
29 June-Alabama (USA),Runoff of the congressional and Senate primary elections
29 June-Ghana,Parlamentoary by-election in Upper Denkyira constituency
1 July-Japan,Parlamentoary by-elections in Miyagi #1 and #2 and in Saitama #8
2 to 4 July-Spain,PSOE Party: Convention
3 July-Austria,FPO Party: Convention and internal elections
3 July-Russia,Communist Party and Yabloko Party: Internal leadership elections
4 July-Canada,Municipal by-election in Saint-Lin-Laurentides (QC)
4 July-Baja California State (Mexico),State assemblea and municipal elections
4 July-Chihuahua,Durango and Zacatecas States (Mexico),Gubernatorial,
State assemblea and municipal elections
4 July-Vladivostok (Russia),Sindacoal election 1st round
5 July-Indonesia,Presidente and Vice-presidente elections 1st round
6 July-Vanuatu,Parlamentoary and local elections
6 July-Williston (Florida,USA),County election
10 July-Sri Lanka,Provincial council elections in the Western,Sabaragamuwa,
North Central,Southern, Uva and Central provinces
10 July-New Zealand,Parlamentoary by-elections in Te Tai Hauauru constituency
11 July-Japan,Renewal of one half of the Upper House of the Parlamento
13 July-Perry (Florida,USA),County election
14 July-Winnipeg (BC,Canada),Council by-elections
15 July-United Kingdom,Parlamentoary by-elections in Birmingham Hodge Hill
and Leicester South constituencies
17 July-Mongolia,Rerun of the parlamentoary election in one constituency
18 July-Bolivia,Referendum on export of natural gas and on a new law of hidrocarbons
18 July-Vladivostok (Russia),Sindacoal election 2nd round
20 July-Georgia (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections 1st round
20 July-North Carolina (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections 1st round
20 July-Bascom (Florida,USA),County election
24 July-Niger,Municipal elections
24-25 July-Italy,Green Party: Convention and internal elections
26-29 July-United States,Democratic Party: Convention with the appointment of
the candidate for presidente
27 July-Oklahoma (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections 1st round
1 August-Aguas Calientes and Oaxaca States(Mexico),Gubernatorial,
State assemblea and municipal elections
3 August-Missouri (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
3 August-Kansas (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
3 August-Michigan (USA),Congressional primary elections
3 August-Chiefland (Florida,USA),County election
3 August-Idaho (USA),Local elections
3 August-Ohio (USA),Special elections
5 August-Tennessee (USA),Congressional primary elections and county elections
7-8 August-Burundi,CNDD-FDD: Convention and internal leadership elections
8 August-Nogorno Karabakh (Azerbaijan),Local goverment elections
(organized by Armenia which controls the territory)
8 August-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Yamaguchi and in Wakayama prefectures
10 August-Colorado (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
10 August-Connecticut (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
10 August-Georgia (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections 2nd round
10 August-Alford (Florida,USA),County election
10 August-Ngiwal (Palau),State election
15 August-Venezuela,Presidenteial and deputies recall referenda
15 August-Iraq,Indirect election of the transitional National Council
16 August-Delhi Capital Territory (India),Assemblea by-elections for 2 seats
17 August-Jacob (Florida,USA),County election
17 August-Wyoming (USA),Congressional primary elections
17 August-North Carolina (USA),Runoff of the congressional and Senate primary elections
18 August-Pakistan,Parlamentoary by-elections in Attock and Tharparkar-I constituencies
19 August-Somalia,Indirect election of the transitional parlamento
(elected by the clans members)
24 August-Alaska (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
24 August-Oklahoma (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections 2nd round
29 August-Macao (China),Chief Executive election
29 August-Chechnya (Russia),Presidente
29 August-Costa Rica,PLN Party: Districtal primary elections
29 August-Canada,Municipal by-election at Chelsea (QC)
30 August to 2 September-United States, Republican Party: Convention with the
appointment of the candidate for presidente
31 August-Florida (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections and county elections
31 August-Ngarchelong (Palau),State election
September-Maharashtra (India),State assemblea elections
September-British Columbia (Canada),Marijuana Party: Leadership election
4 September-Guam (USA),USA Congressional primary elections
5 September-Saarland (Germnany),State elections (Radio Deutche Welle 05/01/04)
5 September-Veracruz State (Mexico),Gubernatorial elections
7 September-Arizona (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
7 September-Nevada (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
7 September-Florida (USA),County elections
7 September-Cook Island (New Zealand),Legislative Assemblea election,
Gubernatorial elections in the Outer Islands and Referendum on choosing
the parlamentoary term of 4 or 5 years (Tuatua Tika 16/6/04)
9-10 September-Malaysia,PBDS Party: Internal leadership election
10 September-Bonaire (Netherland Antilles,Netherlands),Referenda about the political status to
Netherlands and about splitting from the Netherlands Antilles (Paris Renesis 15/7/04)
11 September-Delaware (USA),Congressional primary elections
11 September-Virgin Islands (USA),USA Congressional primary elections
11 September-Texas (USA),Special elections
12 September-Hong Kong,Legislative Council elections (Wilfried Derksen)
14 September-District of Columbia (USA),Congressional primary elections
14 September-Minnesota (USA),Congressional primary elections
14 September-Massachusetts (USA),Congressional primary elections
14 September-New Hampshire (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
14 September-Rhode Island (USA),Congressional primary elections
14 September-Washington State (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
14 September-Vermont (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
14 September-Wisconsin (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
14 September-Iowa (USA),School Baord Elections
14 September-Hampton (Florida,USA),County election
14 September-New York (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
18 September-Hawaii (USA),Congressional and Senate primary elections
18 September-Canada,Ontario Progressive Party: Internal leadership election
18 September-Canada,Alberta New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
18 September-Switzerland,CVP Party: Internal leadership election
19 September-Lithuania,Parlamento (Lionel Jacquemin 15/4/04)
19 September-Kazakhstan,Parlamento (L.Jacquemin 16/6/04)
19 September-Brandenburg and Saxony States (Germany),State elections
19-23 September-United Kingdom,Liberal Democratic Party: Convention
20 September-Indonesia,Presidente and Vice-presidente elections 2nd round (L.Jacquemin 30/8/03)
21 September-Campbellton (Florida,USA),County election
21 September-Oregon (USA),Local elections
26 September-Northern Cyprus,Parlamento (Lionel Jacquemin 9/7/04)
26 September-Venezuela,Regional and municipal elections (
26 September-France,Renewal of 1/3 of the Senate (107 of 321)(elected by national,
local and regional officials)
26 September-North-Rhine-Westphalia(Germany),Sindacoal,municipal,city and regional elections
26 September-Switerland,Referenda about easier naturalization laws, free
mail service and about the law on the allowances for loss of profit
26-30 September-United Kingdom,Labor Party: Convention
28 September-Florida (USA),County elections in Volusia municipality
28 September-Palau,Presidenteial and Vice-presidenteial primary elections (Paris Renesis 7/5/04)
October-Niger,Presidente and Parlamento
October-Bosnia and Herzegovina,Parlamento (Reliefweb 2/5/04)
October-Kyrgyzstan,Local elections
October-Belgium,Municipal elections
October-Santiago del Estero (Argentina),Elections for the representatives to draft
for a new provincial Constitution (Andy Tow 7/8/04)
October-France,UPM Party: Internal leadership election
October-Vancouver (Canada),Plebiscite on a Municipal Ward System
October-Vancouver North District (Canada),Sindacoal by-election
1 October-San Marino,Internal election of two Capitani Reggenti (chifs of the state)
1 October-Saba (Netherland Antilles,Netherlands),Referenda about the political
status with Netherlands and about splitting from the Netherlands Antilles (P.Renesis)
2 October-Germnay,The Greens/Alliance 90 Party:Convention
2 October-Bosnia and Herzegovina,Municipal elections
3 October-Slovenia,Parlamento (Lionel Jacquemin 20/8/04)
3 October-Abkhazia (Georgia),Presidente (L.Jacquemin 24/7/04)
3 October-Chiapas State (Mexico),State assemblea and municipal elections
3 October-Brazil,Gubernatorial and municipal elections 1st round (Observatorio Electoral 28/12/03)
5 October-Alaska (USA),REAA/CRSA elections
5 October-Fanning Springs (Florida,USA),County election
9 October-Afghanistan,Presidente (Lionel Jacquemin 10/7/04)
9 October-Nova Scotia (Canada),Municipal Elections
9-10 October-Malaysia,PBDS Party: Internal leadership election
10-13 October-United Kingdom,British Conservative Party: Internal leadership elections
16 October-Australian Capital Territory (Australia),Parlamentoary election
17 October-Portugal,Local government elections in Madeira and Azores (
17 October-Belarus,Parlamento (RFE/RL 3/6/04)
17 October-Ecuador,Municipal and local council elections (Costabonino Calendar 2/5/04)
18 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal Elections
18 October-Canada,Municipal election in the town of Inuvik (NT)
23 October-Finland,Local elections
23 October-Kosovo (Un Administred Territory),Parlamento
24 October-Tunisia,Presidente and Parlamento (IFES 4/4/04)
24 October-Finland,Municipal elections (
24 October-Canada,Nova Scotia Liberal Party: Leadership election
26 October-Yankeetown (Florida,USA),County election
30-31 October-Germany,PDS Party: Congress and internal elections
30-31 October-Ukraine,Paresident (IFES 23/1/04)
31 October-Uruguay,Presidente 1st round, Parlamento and Senate elections
31 October-Brazil,Gubernatorial and municipal elections 2nd round
31 October-Chile,Municipal and local council elections (TV Chile 18/11/03)
31 October-Tamaulipas State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,
state assemblea and municipal elections
November-Czech Republic,Renewal of 1/3 of the Senate
November-Norfolk Island (Australia),Parlamento
November-Burundi,Presidente and Parlamento
November-Lebanon,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
November-Bougainville (Papua New Guinea),Local assemblea election (GoAsiaPacific 4/8/04)
November-El Salvador,FMLN Party: Internal leadership election (La Nacion 31/3/04)
November-Central African Republic,Referendum on the new Constitution (Reliefweb 2/5/04)
November-Muslim Mindanao (Philippines),Regional elections
November-Saudi Arabia,Local and municipal elections in Riyadh (BBC 4/8/04)
November-Jamaica,JLP Party: Internal leadership election
November-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Kurgan and Pskov Oblast
2 November-United States,Presidenteial,Parlamentoary and Senate elections
2 November-Arkansas (USA),General election 1st round
2 November-Indiana (USA),Gubernatorial election
2 November-Louisiana (USA),Election for candidates seeking federal office 1st round
2 November-Florida (USA),County elections
2 November-Maryland (USA),County elections
2 November-Texas (USA),County elections
2 November-Washington State (USA),State general elections
2 November-Puerto Rico (USA),Gubernatorial, parlamentoary and senate elections
2 November-US Virgin Islands (USA),Senate elections
2 November-American Samoa (USA),Gubernatorial, parlamentoary elections and 1st round
of the USA Congressional primary elections
2 November-Guam (USA),Parlamento
2 November-Palau,Presidente,Parlamento and Senate (Paris Renesis 7/5/04)
4 November-England (UK),Regional elections in Humber, North East, North East and Yorkshire
7 November-Nicaragua,Municipal elections (Observatorio Electoral 28/12/03)
8 November-Canada,Pickering (ON) Municipal By-election (Alex Ng)
13 November-Puebla State (Mexico),Gubernatorial election (Lionel Jacquemin)
14 November-Sinaloa,Tlaxcala and Tamaulipas States (Mexico),Gubernatorial,
state assemblea and municipal elections
15 November-Namibia,Presidente (Lionel Jacquemin 15/4/04)
16 November-Namibia,Parlamento and Senate elections (Lionel Jacquemin 15/4/04)
16 November-American Samoa,Runoff of the USA Congressional primary elections
16 November-Florida (USA),Runoff county election in Palm Shore
17 November-Cayman Islands (UK),Legislative Assemblea election (Paris Renesis 21/4/04)
19-20 November-German,CSU Party:Congress and internal leadership elections
21 November-Macedonia,Municipal elections (L.Jacquemin 4/8/04)
23 November-Pensacola (Florida,USA),County election 2nd round
23 November-Arkansas (USA),General election 2nd round
27 November-Australia,Elections of the House of Representatives, Territorial Senators,
renewal of half of the State Senators and gubernatorial elections (
28 November-Uruguay,Presidenteial runoff election
28 November-Romania,Presidente 1st round,Parlamento and Senate (Lionel Jacquemin 13/1/04)
28 November-France,UPM Party: Internal leadership election
29 November-Canada,Federal by-election in Ottawa (Election Canada 11/3/04)
29-30 November-Namibia,Regional council elections (Lionel Jacquemin 15/4/04)
December-Ghana,Presidente and Parlamento
December-Uzbekistan,Parlamento,regional,districtal and municipal councils elections (
December-Switzerland,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
December-Khakasia Republic (Russia),Gubernatorial election (RFE/RL 28/2/03)
December-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Kamtchatka, Bryansk, Ulyanovsk
and Ivanovo Oblast (RFE/RL 17/3/04)
3 December-Mozambique,Presidente and Parlamento (Lionel Jacquemin 20/5/04)
4 December-Louisiana (USA),Election for candidates seeking federal office 2nd round
5 December-Bolivia,Municipal elections (Observatorio Electoral 28/12/03)
6-7 December-Germany,CDU Party: Internal elections
7 December-Florida (USA),County elections
11 December-Taiwan,Parlamentary and local governement elections (IFES 9/5/04)
12 December-Romania,Presidential runoff elections
14 December-Florida (USA),County elections
17 December-Azerbaijan,Local council (RFE/RL 19/8/04)
24 December-Pitcairns Islands (UK),Island Council elections





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