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January-Bolivia,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
January-Cape Verde,Parlamento
January-Netherlands Antilles (Netherlands),Assemblea election
January-India,Local elections in Karnataka State and in Jammu and Kashmire State
January-Haiti,Muncipal elections
January-Bolivar (Colombia),Sindacoal elections
from 7 to 21 January-Papua New Guinea,Parlamentoary by-election for 1 seat in Bougainville
8 Janaury-Haiti,Presidenteial, parlamentoary and Senate elections 1st round (Jean Pierre Jumez 26/11/05)
9 January-Ottawa (Canada),Municipal by-election
15 January-Finland,Presidente 1st round (Wikipedia)
22 January-Portugal,Presidente (Lionel Jacquemin 4/11/05)
25 January-Palestine,Parlamento
29 January-Finland,Presidente 2nd round
29 January-Milan (Italy),Union Coalition Party: Sindacoal primary elections
February-Cape Verde,Presidente
February-Nago (Okinawa Prefecture,Japan),Sindacoal
February-Nagasaki Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial
February-Taiwan,Township elections
February-Dallas (Texas,USA),Sindacoal election
February-New Orleans (Lousiana,USA),Sindacoal election
February-Tokelau (New Zealand),Referendum on self-government in free association with New Zealand
5 February-Costa Rica,Presidente 1st round and Parlamento
7 February-Washington State (USA),Special elections
8 February-Nepal,Municipal elections
9 February-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro),Referendum on the independence
11 February-Canada,Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party: Internal leadership election
12 February-Uganda,Presidente (Irinnews 25/2/05)
15 February-Haiti,Presidenteial, parlamentoary and Senate elections 2nd round (BBC 27/11/05)
March-Colombia,Congressional and Senate elections
March-Comoros,Local presidenteial elections in Moheli,Anjouan and Grande Comore
March-Guyana,Parlamentoary and local government elections
March-Guyana,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
March-San Tome and Principe,Parlamento
March-Solomon Islands,Parlamento
March-Thailand,Senate elections
March-Netherlands,Municipal elections
March-Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France),Assemblea election
March-Abkhazia(Georgia),Local elections
March-Minnesota(USA),Township elections
March-Florida (USA),City elections
March-Crimea (Ukraine),Legislative elections
March-Ishikawa Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial
March-Yokohama (Japan),Sindacoal election
5 March-Benin,Presidente (Lionel Jacquemin 1/11/05)
7-8 March-California (USA),County elections
12 March-Uganda,Parlamentoary and local council elections (Irinnews)
12 March-El Salvador,Parlamento (Wikipedia)
12 March-Mexico State(Mexico),Local assemblea and municipal elections (IFE)
18 March-South Australia (Australia),State elections (Wikipedia)
20 March-Congo Kinshasa,Presidente and Parlamento 1st round (L.Jacquemin 21/06/05)
26 March-Ukraine,Parlamento (The International Observer 24/10/05)
26 March-Germany,State elections in Baden-Wurttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate
and Saxony-Anhalt (The International Observer)
28 March-Israel,Parlamento (The Jerusalem Post 23/11/05)
April-India,Local elections in the State of Bihar
April-Montserrat (United Kingdom),Parlamento
April-Malta,Local elections
April-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro),Municipal elections
April-Indonesia,Sindacoal elections
April-Mauritania,Indirect Renewal of 1/3 of the Senate (elected by municipal coucillors)
April-Wisconsin (USA),County elections
April-Colorado (USA),County elections
April-Kyoto Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial
April-Yatsushiro (Japan),Sindacoal election
April-Bulgaria,Municipal elections in
Psarevo,Omurtag,Ruse and Blagoevgrad
1 April-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
2 April-Costa Rica,Presidenteial runoff election
2 April-Costa Rica,Presidenteial runoff election
9 April-Italy,Parlamentoary and Senate elections (La Repubblica 19/10/05)
9 April-Peru,Presidente and Parlamento (IFES)
11-12 April-California (USA),County elections and primary election in Long Beach
30 April-Congo Kinshasa,Presidente and Parlamento 2nd round
May-Italy,Presidente (by the Parlamento)
May-Sierra Leone,Parlamento
May-India,Assemblea elections in the states of Tamil Nadu,Kerala,West Bengal
and the Union Territory of Pondicherry
May-Bahrain,Municipal elections
2 May-California (USA),County elections
2 May-Tennessee (USA),County primary elections
4 May-England (United Kingdom),Local council and sindacoal elections (Wikipedia)
7 May-Tasmania (Australia),Local council elections
16 May-Dominican Republic,Parlamentoary and muncipal elections
23 May-Idaho (USA),US House Of Assemblea primary elections
28 May-Colombia,Presidente 1st round (Wikipedia)
June-Czech Republic,Parlamentoary election
June-Italy,Municipal elections
June-San Marino,Parlamento
June-Georgia,Local elections
June-South Ossetia (Georgia),Local elections
June-South Carolina (USA),Council elections
June-Seoul (South Korea),Sindacoal election
June-Gyeonggi province (South Korea),Gubernatorial
6 June-Iowa (USA),US Congressional and county primary elections
6 June-Alabama (USA),US Congressional primary election 1st round
6 June-California (USA),Special election and County elections in Long Beach
8 June-San Francisco (USA),Districtal primary elections
9-10 June-Canada,Liberal party of NL: Internal leadership election
27 June-Alabama (USA),Congressional primary runoff election
July-San Tome and Principe,Presidente
July-Bolivia,Constituent assemblea election and Referendum on giving more regional autonomy
July-Tasmania (Australia),State election
July-Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro),Local
governments elections in Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac
July-Malawi,Local government elections
2 July-Mexico,Presidente,Parlamento and Senate elections (IFE 15/12/04)
2 July-Mexico,Gubernatorial elections in the states of Distrito Federal,
Guanajuato,Jalisco and Morelos (IFE)
2 July-Mexico,State assemblea and municipal elections in the states of
Campeche,Colima,Distrito Federal,Guanajuato,Jalisco,Morelos,Nuevo Leon,Sonora,
Queretaro and San Luis Potosi (IFE)
August-Timor Leste,Parlamento
August-Angola,Presidente and Parlamento
August-Ghana,Local government elections
August-Kagawa Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial
3 August-Tennessee (USA),County elections and State primary elections of Nov 7th
20 August-Chiapas State (Mexico),Gubernatorial election (IFE)
22 August-Wyoming (USA),State primary elections
29 August-California (USA),County elections
10 Sep 2006 Montenegro parlamento
17 Sep 2006 Sweden parlamento
17 Sep 2006 Transdniestr
(Moldova) referendum on union
with Moldova or
22 Sep 2006 Gambia presidente
24 Sep 2006 Switzerland referendum on
asylum laws
26 Sep 2006 Yemen presidente
28 Sep 2006 Zambia presidente,
Sep 2006 Guyana presidente
(by parlamento)
Sep 2006 Nagorno-Karabakh
(Azerbajian) local elections
1 Oct 2006 Austria parlamento
1 Oct 2006 Brazil presidente,
congress, senate
1 Oct 2006 Bosnia and
Herzegovina presidente,
1 Oct 2006 Muslim-Croat
(Bosnia-Hercegovina) parlamento
1 Oct 2006 Republika Sprska
(Bosnia-Hercegovina) presidente,
1 Oct 2006 San Marino captains-regent
(by council)
7 Oct 2006 Latvia parlamento
15 Oct 2006 Ecuador presidente,
15 Oct 2006 Thailand parlamento
20-21 Oct 2006 Czech Republic senate
22 Oct 2006 Bulgaria presidente
22 Oct 2006 Panama referendum on
enhancing the canal
23 Oct 2006 Iran senate
29 Oct 2006 Congo (Kinshasa) presidente
31 Oct 2006 Cote d'Ivoire presidente,
Oct 2006 Bahrain parlamento
Oct 2006 Bangladesh parlamento
Oct 2006 Mayotte assemblea
5 Nov 2006 Nicaragua presidente,
6 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal elections
7 November-United States,Congressional and renewal elections of 113 seats of the Senate
and gubernatorial elections in 34 states
7 November-California (USA),Gubernatorial,sindacoal and local council elections
7 November-Iowa (USA),County elections
7 November-Arkansas (USA),Sindacoal elections
7 November-Houston (Texas,USA),County govt.election
7 November-American Samoa (United States),Parlamentoary and Senate elections
7 November-Guam (United States),Gubernatorial and assemblea elections
7 November-US Virgin Islands (United States),Gubernatorial and Senate elections
13 November-Ontario (Canada),Municipal elections
25 November-Victoria (Australia),Local parlamento elections
from 7 December to 1 March 2006-South Africa,Staggered Municipal elections
December-Switerland,Indirect presidenteial election
December-Madagascar,Presidente and Parlamento
December-Saint Lucia,Parlamento
December-Zambia,Presidenteial,Parlamentoary and municipal elections
December-Transdniestr (Moldova),Presidente
December-Benin,Municipal elections
December-Costa Rica,Municipal,provinicial and districtal elections
24 December-Picairn Islands (United Kingdom),Island council election




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