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9 January-Southern Sudan (Sudan),Referendum on the independence
9 January-Abyei (Sudan),Referendum on joining the Southern Sudan 
16 January-Haiti,Presidential and parliamentary runoff elections
23 January-Portugal,President (Portuguese Electoral Commission 24/10/10)
23 January-Central African Republic,Presidential 1st round,Parliamentary and local elections (Allafrica 13/8/10)
31 January-Niger,President 1st round and Parliament
6 February-Cape Verde,Parliament (L.Jacquemin 25/11/10)

18 February-Uganda,President 1st round and Parliament (News24 25/10/10)
20 February-Chad,Parliament (L.Jacquemin 27/9/10)
March-Benin,President and Parliament
March-Micronesia,President (by the Parliament)
4 March-Samoa,Parliament
6 March-Estonia,Parliament (Election Resources 11/10/10)
8 March-Micronesia,Parliamentary election and gubernatorial elections in Chuuk and Pohnpei (Micronesia Electoral Commission 28/10/10)
9 March-Uganda,Presidential runoff election
12 March-Niger,Presidential runoff election
20 March-Central African Republic,Presidential runoff election
20 March-Mayotte (France),General council elections 1st round
20 March-Reunion (France),General council elections 1st round
27 March-Germany,State elections in Baden-Württemberg and in Rhineland-Palatinate
27 March-Mayotte (France),General council elections 2nd round
27 March-Reunion (France),General council elections 2nd round
1 April-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of the State)
2 April-Nigeria,Parliament
5 April-Illinois (USA),Local elections
5 April-Florida (USA),Local elections
5 April-Wisconsin (USA),Municipal elections
5 April-South Carolina (USA),Special election for State House in Clarendon and Williamsburg  counties seat #64 1st round
8 April-Djibouti,Presidential and regional elections ( 18/12/10)
9 April-Nigeria,President
10 April-Peru,President and Parliament (Peruvian Electoral Commission 11/10/10)
12 April-Florida (USA),Local elections
12 April-South Carolina (USA),Special election for State Senate in Lancaster and York counties seat #16 1st round
12 April-South Dakota (USA),Local elections
13 April-Madagascar,Parliamentary and local government elections
16 April-Nigeria,Gubernatorial (except for Anambra, Edo, Ondo, and Rivers) and State Assemblies elections
17 April-Finland,Parliament
19 April-Florida (USA),Local elections
20 April-Malawi,Local government elections
26 April-Florida (USA),Local elections
26 April-Washington State (USA),Special election
27 April-Yemen,Parliament (Yemen Times 11/10/10)
30 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
May-Italy,Municipal elections
May-South Africa,Local council elections
May-Laos,President (by the Parliament)
3 May-Ohio (USA),Local primary elections and special elections
3 May-Michigan (USA),City elections
3 May-Florida (USA),Local elections
3 May-Montana (USA),School board elections
5 May-United Kingdom,Referendum on electoral reforms
5 May-England (United Kingdom),Local council elections
5 May-Scotland (United Kingdom),Parliament
5 May-Wales (United Kingdom),Local assembly election
8 May-Chad,President (L.Jacquemin 27/9/10)
8 May-Albania,Local elections (Set Times 11/10/10)
10 May-New Hampshire (USA),Local elections
10 May-Florida (USA),Local elections
14 May-Texas (USA),Local elections
17 May-Florida (USA),Local elections
17 May-Kentucky (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
17 May-Idaho (USA),Local elections
17 May-Oregon (USA),Special and local elections
17 May-Washington State (USA),Special election
17 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal primary elections
22 May-Germany,State elections in Bremen
23 May-Netherlands,Indirect Senate elections
24 May-Florida (USA),Local elections
29 May-Spain,Municipal elections
June-Vietnam,President (by the Parliament)
June-Moldova,Local elections
June-Northern Cyprus,Local elections
June-Saint Martin (France),Territorial council elections
June-Saint Barthelemy (France),Territorial council elections
7 June-South Dakota (USA),Local elections
12 June-Turkey,Parliament (OSCE 25/11/10)
21 June-South Dakota (USA),Local elections
July-Cape Verde,President
July-Sao Tome and Principe,President
July-Tunisia,Indirect Senate elections
July-Moscow (Russia),Mayoral election
July-Vietnam,President (by the Parliament)
1 July-Madagascar,Presidential and Senate elections
3 July-Mexico,Gubernatorial election in Mexico State,gubernatorial,local deputees and municipal
elections in Nayarit and Coahuila States
and municipal elections in Hidalgo State
August-Guyana,President and Parliament
August-Liberia,Constitutional Referendum
August-Syria,Local government elections
August-Somalia,President (elected by the transitional parliament in exile)
2 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial and local primary elections 1st round
2 August-Michigan (USA),City primary elections
2 August-Ohio (USA),Special elections
9 August-Minnesota (USA),Local primary elections
16 August-Washington State (USA),Local primary elections
23 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial and local primary elections 2nd round
30 August-Idaho (USA),Local elections
September-Guatemala,President and Parliament
4 September-Germany,State elections in Berlin and in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
12 September-Norway,Local elections
13 September-Iowa (USA),School board elections
13 September-Florida (USA),Local elections
13 September-Michigan (USA),Village elections
13 September-Montana (USA),Municipal primary elections
13 September-New York (USA),Municipal primary elections
13 September-North Carolina (USA),Municipal primary elections 1st round
20 September-Oregon (USA),Local elections
30 September-Coahuila,Gubernatorial election
October-Bulgaria,Presidential and local elections
October-Zambia,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
October-Rwanda,Indirect Senate elections
October-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
October-Jersey (UK),Constable elections
October-Nagorno Karabakh (Azerbaijan),Local elections
1 October-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of the State)
3 October-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial elections
3 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Territorial elections
4 October-Florida (USA),Local elections
4 October-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial elections
6 October-Ontario (Canada),Provincial elections
9 October-Madeira (Portugal),Local government elections
11 October-Liberia,Presidential,Parliamentary and Senate elections
11 October-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial elections
11 October-Iowa (USA),City primary elections
11 October-North Carolina (USA),Municipal primary elections 2nd round
22 October-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
23 October-Argentina,President, 1/2 of the Parliament and 1/3 of the Senate elections  (Finanza Blog 11/10/10)
23 October-Switzerland,Parliament (Swiss Electoral Commission)
30 October-Colombia,Gubernatorial and local elections (Ace Project 11/10/10)
November-Mauritania,Parliamentary and municipal elections and indirect Senate elections
November-South Ossetia (Georgia),President
November-Gibraltar (UK),Parliament
1 November-Colorado (USA),Local elections
1 November-Florida (USA),Local elections
6 November-Florida (USA),Local elections
6 November-Nicaragua,President and Parliament
7 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial elections
8 November-United States,Gubernatorial elections in Kentucky and Mississippi
and mayoral,city and local council elections in
Idaho,Kentucky,Michigan,Minnesota,Mississippi,Montana,New York,North Carolina,Ohio,Oregon,Pennsylvania,Texas,Washington and Florida
and special election in Mississippi
13 November-Michoacan (Mexico),Gubernatorial,local deputees and municipal elections
15 November-Florida (USA),Local elections
19 November-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial elections
19 November-British Colombia (Canada),Municipal elections
27 November-Congo Kinshasa,Presidential 1st round and Parliamentary elections
29 November-Mississippi (USA),Special runoff election
December-Saint Lucia,Parliament
December-Bhutan,National Council (Senate) election
December-Switzerland,Indirect Presidential election
December-Pitcairn Island,General elections
December-Cyprus,Municipal elections
December-Gagauzia (Moldova),Local assembly election
December-Andorra,Local elections
6 December-Florida (USA),Local elections
20 December-Florida (USA),Local elections




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