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Electoral Calendar 2013



11-12 January-Czech Republic,President 1st round
17 January-Bangladesh,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Chittagong-12
20 January-Austria,Referendum on conscripted or volunteer army
21 January-Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago),Local assembly election
22 January-Israel,Parliament
22 January-Nevis (St Kitts and Nevis),Local assembly election
23 January-Jordan,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 16/10/12)
25-26 January-Czech Republic,President 2nd round
26 January-Singapore,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Punggol East constituency
29 January-West Papua (Indonesia),Gubernatorial election
February-Cuba,President (by the Parliament)
1 and 3 February-Liechtenstein,Parliament
3 February-Cote d'Ivoire,Parliamentary by-elections in Bonon, Facobly, Koumassi, Bangolo, Issia and Divo
3 February-Cuba,Parliamentary and provincial elections
10 February-Monaco,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 5/5/12)
15 February-Trinidad and Tobago,President (by the Parliament) (Lionel Jacquemin 6/1/13)
17 February-Ecuador,Presidential 1st round,parliamentary,gubernatorial and municipal elections
17 February-Cyprus,President 1st round
18 February-Armenia,President (Pan Armenian 9/12/12)
19 February-Grenada,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 16/1/13)
22 February-Djibouti,Parliament (ARD 22/10/12)
23 February-India,Local Legislative assembly elections for 1 seat each in Mizoram 8-
24 February-Cyprus,President 2nd round
24 February-Cote d'Ivoire,Regional and municipal elections
24-25 February-Italy,Parliamentary election and Regional elections in Lombardy,Lazio and Molise
March-Bhutan,National Council (Senate) election
March-Gabon,Local elections
March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Local council elections
from October 2012 to March 2013-China,Staggered parliamentary elections
4 March-Kenya,President 1st round,Parliament and local assembly elections
5 March-China,Indirect Presidential and Vice-presidential elections (by the Parliament)
5 March-Micronesia,Parliamentary election and gubernatorial election in Chuuk (Saipan Tribune)
9 March-Malta,Parliamentary elections and local council elections in 11 local councils
10-11 March-Falkland Islands (UK),Referendum on the political status
13 March-Norfolk Island (Australia),Local assembly election (Norfolkonlinenews)
15 March-Jordan,Municipal elections (Jordan Times 21/6/12)
24 March-Togo,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 18/1/13)
April-Zambia,Referendum on the new Constitution
April-Nepal,Constituent Assembly election
April-Benin,Local elections
April-Japan,Municipal elections in 20 major cities and local assembly elections in Kitakyushu and Shizuoka
April-Pakistan,Provincial elections in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa,Sindh,Balochistan and Punjab
April-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections in Central and Northwestern provincial councils
1 April-San Marino,Indirect election of the Chiefs of State (Capitani Reggenti)
4 April-Gambia,Local government elections
7 April-Montenegro,President
7 April-Ecuador,Presidential runoff election
14 April-Venezuela,Municipal elections
20 April-Kurdistan (Iraq),Regional parliament elections
21 April-Paraguay,President and Parliament
21 April-French Polynesia (France),Parliament 1st round
21 April-Costa Rica,PLN Party: Presidential primary elections
27 April-Iceland,Parliament (L.Jacquemin 6/1/13)
May-Equatorial Guinea,Parliamentary and local elections
May-Italy,President (by the Parliament)
May-Croatia,Local elections
May-Kuwait,Municipal elections
2 May-England (United Kingdom),Local elections
5 May-French Polynesia (France),Parliament 2nd round
8 May-Madagascar,President 1st round (Lionel Jacquemin 1/8/12)
10 May-Honduras,President and Parliament
12 May-Guinea,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 12/12/12)
13 May-Philippines,Parliamentary,1/2 of the Senate,gubernatorial and local elections
15 May-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in Bali
22 May-Cayman Islands (UK),Parliament (Cayman Islands Electoral Commission)
26 May-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in Central Java
June-Malaysia,Parliamentary election and State elections in Selangor and Penang
June-Greenland (Denmark),Parliament
5 June-Congo Kinshasa,Indirect Senate elections (by the Provincial Assemblies)
6 June-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in South Sumatra
14 June-Iran,Presidential and local elections and Indirect Senate elections
23 June-Tunisia,Presidential 1st round,Parliamentary and municipal elections
23 June-Albania,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 6/12/12)
30 June-Chile,Concertacion Coalition Party: Presidential and parliamentary primary elections
July-Congo Brazzaville,Parliament
July-Japan,Elections of 1/2 of the Senate
July-Cameroon,Parliamentary and local elections
July-Dominica,President (by the Parliament)
3 July-Madagascar,Presidential runoff and parliamentary election (Lionel Jacquemin 1/8/12)
7 July-Tunisia,Presidential runoff election
28 July-Cambodia,Parliament
August-Argentina,Parliamentary primary elections
August-Senegal,Indirect Senate election
29 August-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in East Java
September-Macau (China),Parliament
September-Aruba (Netherlands),Parliament
September-Russia,Local elections
September-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Ibaraki
September-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in Lampung
September-Pakistan,Indirect Presidential election
September-Mauritius,President (by the Parliament)
September-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections in the Northern Provincial council
9 September-Norway,Parliament
22 September-Germany,Parliament
October-Ethiopia,President (by the Parliament)
1 October-San Marino,Indirect election of the Chiefs of State (Capitani Reggenti)
19 October-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
19 October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
20 October-Estonia,Municipal elections (Estonia Electoral Commission 15/12/12)
27 October-Argentina,Parliamentary elections for 1/2 of the members
November-Australia,Parliamentary and Senate elections
November-Saint Helena (UK),Parliament
November-Falkland Islands (UK),Parliament
November-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
5 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Parliament
10 November-Honduras,President and Parliament (L. Jacquemin 6/1/13)
12 November-Florida (USA),Local elections in Miami-Dade county
17 November-Chile,President 1st round,Parliament and Senate elections
19 November-Denmark,Local elections
December-Kosovo,Parliamentary and local elections
December-Pitcairn Island (UK),Mayoral and Island council elections
4 December-Switzerland,Indirect presidential election
15 December-Chile,Presidential runoff election
24 December-Pitcairn,Island council election



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