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  • Centennia Electronic Atlas (Centennia, in Groton, Connectictut)

  • Data Maps (U.S. Census Bureau)

  • GeoHistory Americas Map Folio

  • Historical Atlas of Europe 1648-2002 (Gerard von Hebel)

  • Historical Atlas of the 20th Century (Matthew White)

  • Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age (Joaquín de Salas Vara de Rey)

  • Library of Congress Geography and Map Division (U.S. Library of Congress)

  • Lonely Planet

  • Map Machine: Atlas (National Geographic Society)

  • National Atlas (U.S. Department of Interior)

  • Perry-Castañeda Map Library  (University of Texas at Austin)

  • West Point Atlas of American Wars (US Military Academy)

  • United Nations Cartographic Section - Maps (UN)

  • U.S. Geological Survey

  • Tony Belmonte's Historical Altas of Europe and Middle East

  • WHKMLA Historial Atlas (Alexander Ganse)

  • World History by Hyperhistory  

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    Library of Congress Country Studies/Area Handbook

    U.S. State Department Country Background Notes

    Footnotes to History (James L. Erwin) 

    Joan's Royalty in History Site (J.N.W. Bos)

    The Churches of Rome (Catholic Church)

    Holy Roman Empire (Val Rozn)

    Royal Genealogies database (Pennsylvania State Univ.) 

    Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web (Brian C. Tompsett)

    Royal Genealogies (Denis R. Reid)

    European Royal Houses (Guy Stair Sainty)

    The Titles of the European Rulers (Val Rozn)

    German Historic Constitutions (in German)

    Our Century (The Nando Times)

    Royal Chronologies  (Ed Stephan) 

    Hoelseth's Royal Corner

    History Guy's List of Wars (Roger Lee)

    History of Germany -Primary Documents

    The History Channel

    War Zone

    Ancient and Medieval History History

    Encyclopedia of the Rulers of Egypt

    Roman Emperors Imperium Romanum (Richard D. Weigel)

    Roman Empire: Rome and Romania 27 BC - 1453 AD

    Chronologie Middle Age (In Italian) (Duca Lucifero) 

    Medieval Source Book (Fordhamn University)


    Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 (Eugene W. Plawiuk)

    The South African War (Anglo-Boer War)

    Armenian History (Hye Etch)

    Chronology of Italy (in Italian)

    Swedish History (Jan-Olof Aronsson)

    The Marshall Islands (Dirk H.R. Spennemann)

    Afghan web (Afghanistan)

    Ismaili history (Aga Khan) 

    Timeline of Irish history (Ireland.com)

    French Diplomatic Archives (Diplomatic history of France)

    Story of the Republic (San Marino)

    Mexico Connect Timeline

    Pitcairn Island History

    Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base

    Chronologie de l'histoire récente du Cambodge (Cambodia, in French)

    Dutch Portuguese Colonial History (Marco Ramerini)

    Swedish Statesmen During 1000 Years (Alex Svensson) 

    Ibercronox  (Spain and Portugal) (Jesus de Castro)

    The British Empire (Stephen L.)

    Dominican Data (Dominican Republic)

    Danzig History

    Republic of China Chronology (Taiwan)

    Chronology of Namibian History (Klaus Dierks) 

    Napoleon  (Napoleonic History)

    Coriscan History (in French) 

    Montserrat History

    Princes, Hetmans, and Metropolitans (Ukraine)

    Short Survey of Dutch History

    Philip Abbey's Library Page (Ajuda, Treaty Ports in China, South Georgia)

    The British Empire & Commonwealth Land Forces

    Spanish government history from 1808

    History of Taiwan

    Taiwan's 400 years of history  

    Christmas Island (Australia) History

    History and Customs of Cabinda

    History of Laos (in French)

    Das Deutsche Kaiserreich - Die Deutschen Kolonien
        Die Kaiserliche Marine (in German)

    Libya Our Home (Ibrahim Ighneiwa)

    Sejarah Indonesia  (Indonesian history)

    The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church (Slavador Miranda)

    World History Timelines

    African History (New Africa)

    History of the (British) Cable & Wireless Company  

    Jerusalem Archives

    History of (Armenian) Nagorno-Karabakh

    AP European History Links

    Western Sahara History

    World History

    Puerto Rico history

    Northern Marianas Chronology (Dan MacMeekin)

    Biafra (Biafra Actualization Forum)

    Paris Commune 1871

    Samurai Archives Japanes History

    Military History Encyclopedia on the Web (P. Antill, T. Dugdale-Pointon, John Rickard)

    History of Montenegro (in French) 

    Obscure History of East Timor

    Latin American Election Statistics: A Guide to Links and Sources

    Xenophon (Russian History, John Sloan)

    Trans-Siberian Railway Web Encyclopedia

    American History

    Arlington Cemetery

    Buffalonian Guide to Mayors of Buffalo (Michael Rizzo)

    Confederate War Department (Civil war history)

    National Parks Service History

    Russian Fort Ross, California (1811-1841)

    Encyclopedia Louisiana

    Archives of Maryland Historical Government

    Handbook of Texas Online (Texas History) 

    The Virtual Vietnam Wall

    History of Guantanamo Bay (U.S. base in Cuba)

    Grunts.net (U.S. Military History)

    The Chickasaw Nation Index

    September 11 News.com

    Marxist History (Brian Basgen) Modern History

    "Principality of Seborga"

    "Principality of Sealand"


    Biafra war

    History of Rhodesia

    A Timeline of our Story: The 20th Century

    World at War: Versailles to the Cold War (Richard Doody)

    The Cold War Era Timeline

    UN and Decolonization (UN)

    Vietnam War

    Orders of Battle (Ravi Rikhye)

    On War: History of War

    Military Forces of the World  

    Nuclear Blast Mapper (PBS)

    Nuclear Survival (WW III) (Bruce Beach)

    Internet Modern History Sourcebook   (Fordam University)  rdam University) 





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