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King Alexander the Great of Macedonia, 336-323 BC

King Demetrius Poliorcetes of Macedonia, 294-288 BC

King Antiochus I of Macedonia, 280-261 BC

King Antigonus II Gonatas of Macedonia, 276-239 BC

King Ptolemy VII of Egypt, 221-205 BC

Emperor Gaozu of China, 206-194 BC

King Ptolemy IV of Egype, 145-244 BC

Emperor Wu of China, 140-86 BC

King Nicomedes IV of Bithynia, early first century BC

Julius Cesar, counsul of Rome, 60-44 BC

Emperior Augustus of Rome, 31 BC to AD 14

Emperior Ai of China, 6 BC to AD 1

Emperior Tiberius of Rome, 14-37

Emperior Caligula of Rome, 37-41

Emperior Claudius I of Rome, 41-54

Emperior Nero of Rome, 54-68

Emperior Otho of Rome, January-April 69

Emperior Domitian of Rome, 81-96

Emperior Nerva of Rome, 96-98

Emperior Trajan of Rome, 98-117

Emperior Hadrian of Rome, 117-138

Emperior Commodus of Rome, 180-192

Emperior Heliogabalus of Rome, 218-222

Emperior Wei Wen of China, 220-227

Emperior Jin Diyi of China, 336-371

Emperior Valentian III of Rome, 425-455

Emperior Lian Jianwen of China, 550-551

Emperior Michael II of the Byzantine Empire, 741-775

Al-Hakem II, ruler of Cordoba (Spain), 961-976

Hisham II, ruler of Cordoba (Spain), 965-1013

Emperor Basil II of the Byzantine Empire, 976-1025

Sebktigin, founder of the Ghaznavid Empire (Afghanistan), tenth century

Emperor Mahmud of Ghazni (Afghanistan), 997-1030

Emperor Constantine VIII of the Byzantine Empire, 1025-1028

Emperor Constantine IX of the Byzantine Empire, 1042-1055

Al-Mutamid, ruler of Seville (Spain), 1069-1090

King William II of England, 1087-1100

King Richard I (The Lion-Hearted) of England, 1198-1199

Holy Roman Emperor Fredrick II, 1212-1250

King Edward II of England, 1307-1327

Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, shogun of Japan, 1368-1394

Sultan Beyazid I of the Ottoman Empire, 1389-1402

King Juan II of Castile and Leon (Spain), 1406-1454

King Enrique IV of Castile (Spain), 1454-1474

Sultan Mehmed (Muhammad) II of the Ottoman Empire, 1451-1481

King Charles IX of France, 1560-1574

Oda Nobunaga, military dictator of Japan, 1568-1582

King Henri III of France, 1574-1589

Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II of Germany, 1576-1612; king of Bohemia (Czechoslavakia), 1575-1611; king of Hungary, 1572-1608

King James I of England, 1603-1625; king of Scotland (as James IV), 1567-1625

Emperor Jahangir of India, 1605-1627

King Louis XIII of France, 1610-1643

Tokugawa Iemitsu, shogun of Japan, 1622-1651

Queen Christina of Sweden, 1632-1654

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, shogun of Japan, 1680-1709

King William III of England, 1689-1702

King Charles XII of Sweden, 1697-1718

Queen Anne of England, 1702-1714

Empress Anne Ioannovna of Russia, 1730-1740

King Fredrick II (The Great) of Prussia, 1740-1786

Empress Catherine II (The Great) of Russia, 1762-1796

King Christian VII of Denmark, 1766-1808

Kamran, emir of Afghanistan, early nineteenth century

King Charles XV of Sweden, 1859-1872

King Ludwig II of Bavaria, 1864-1886

King Abd Al-Rahman of Afghanistan, 1880-1901

King Mwanga of Buganda (Uganda), 1884-1897

King Gustavus V of Sweden, 1907-1950

King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, 1908-1918

King Rama VI of Thailand, 1910-1925

King Amunullah Kahn of Afghanistan, 1919-1929

President Manuel Azana of Spain, 1931-1933, 1936-1939


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